Summit 6 Legal believes in transparent fees, billed in a predictable manner.

We understand that budgets drive business.

Legal fees should never be a mystery.  Our clients can plan for what a project will cost on day 1, every time.


For 2016, our base hourly rate for legal services is $315.00 per hour.  After discussing your project, we can propose a detailed scope of work describing: the work product and services that you can expect, a timeline for delivery, an estimate of the total cost to complete the work, and a description of the fee structure.   


When possible, we charge our clients based on the value our services, or a completed project, have for a client, rather than on an hourly rate.  Certain transactions or services, such as entity creation, analyzing simple documents or researching specific issues, lend themselves to a value-based fee instead of charging for attorney time on an hourly basis.  Ask us for details about the services we can perform for you on a value basis.  


Capped Retainer.

If you deposit a retainer equal to the estimated fee*, we’ll place it in our COLTAF Trust Account, guarantee the retainer represents the maximum charge to complete your project, bill against it at $315 per hour as services are performed and provide you with a detailed monthly accounting explaining all charges against the retainer.  We’ll work on your matter as efficiently as possible and if we complete it in less time than estimated, you’ll receive a full refund of any balance.  If our work for you takes more time than the capped fees in a scope of work, there is no charge to you.

*For projects with estimated fees exceeding $3,000.00, the amount of the retainer is subject to mutual agreement.

No Retainer. 

If you don’t deposit a retainer we’ll enter a written agreement to commence work at a rate of $325.00 per hour, which will be due weekly.