Summit 6 Legal

After 15 years practicing real estate law and corporate law with some of the top law firms in Colorado and in the nation, David C. Uhlig founded Summit 6 Legal with the goal of providing expert legal counsel on real estate, corporate and general business matters to businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

As a boutique law practice, we leverage the latest technology, modern office settings and years of legal experience closing deals and helping businesses grow, to serve our clients’ corporate law, real estate law and general business law needs with maximum efficiency, from conception through closing. 

At Summit 6 Legal the goal is to de-mystify the practice of law.  Doing that requires more than lip service; it requires real understanding that flows both ways. To that end, we are dedicated to working closely with you and understanding your entire business: where things stand now, your goals for the future and how a given transaction fits into the over-all picture. We aren’t head nodders - We ask questions until we understand exactly what our clients need and how we can help. 

Similarly, our clients should feel like they have a general counsel on call whenever they need advice. So, we never charge our clients for reading short emails or for quick telephone conversations. Our billing practices are entirely transparent and are held to the highest standard of honesty and integrity. The idea is that when clients don't have to worry about how much it costs to talk to us, they involve us before circumstances become critical.  That way deals close efficiently, smart contracts are executed and businesses grow intelligently and safely.

About David C. Uhlig

Subject to a four-year stint practicing law in Aspen, Colorado, I’ve lived and practiced in Denver since 2000. With over 18 years of experience at top tier law firms, I’ve burned the midnight oil working on hundreds of deals and have a zealous passion for structuring and shepherding all manner of real estate transactions and business deals through to closing.  Be it negotiating a retail lease, selling an apartment complex, or working with a team to create complex, mixed use property developments, I have the experience and know-how to help close your real estate deal. In addition to real estate transactions, over the years I’ve also helped countless business owners and start-ups with creating and structuring companies, buying and selling businesses, dealing with employee matters and internal issues, and negotiating and drafting all manner of contracts and business documents.

When I’m not practicing law, I spend as much time as possible taking advantage of the Colorado lifestyle and all that comes along with it.   Nothing brings me more peace than the quiet of nature and I’m grateful to live in a city with so much of it, so close at hand.  I’m also a bit of a foodie and enjoy exploring restaurants, and definitely love chilling out on a sunny patio with my English Bulldog, Moe.  

I make it a priority to stay involved in the communities where I live and work. Its been my privilege to serve: as a board member for the Denver Bar Association Young Lawyers Division; on the Board of Zoning Adjustment for the Town of Carbondale, Colorado; and as Secretary and subsequently, Vice President of the Pitkin County Bar Association.


I have fun meeting and talking with new people and believe in staying aware of what is going on in my immediate radius.  You never know what you will learn just by showing up and sometimes you can learn something really helpful to a client.

In sum, my passion is helping those who forge successful business ventures out of sheer force of will and hard work.  My goal is to do that in an efficient, understandable and compassionate manner that leaves my clients knowing they have a lawyer and also a friend who truly cares about their success.  In that spirit, I founded Summit 6 Legal to be your go-to law firm for real estate and business transactions. We bring expert legal advice to individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses.