M&A Transactions,
Corporate Law

Are you considering options for structuring your business? Are you adding a partner and need a new LLC operating agreement?  Do you want to purchase an existing business but are unsure where to start? Starting a business or acquiring a new one involves a multitude of considerations, from the simple to complex; the decisions can add up and seem overwhelming.  Leverage our expertise helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and going concerns structure, form and re-structure companies.  If you are selling your business, merging with or acquiring a going concern, or are considering other corporate level transactions, you need competent and practical legal advice, we have the experience to help you close the deal.

Some of the work we do in this area includes:

Choice of entity / Entity Creation

  • LLC Operating Agreements;

  • Buy Sell Agreements;

  • Partnership Agreements;

  • Corporate bylaws;

  • Consents and resolutions;

  • Corporate formalities and maintenance; and

  • Advice on internal policies and best practices.

Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions: 

  • Asset Purchase Agreements;

  • Stock Purchase Agreements;

  • Assignments of LLC Membership Interests;

  • Merger Agreements;

  • Contribution Agreements;

  • Redemption Agreements;

  • Pledge Agreements; and

  • Promissory Notes, Security Agreements and other documents related to corporate financing.